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A child’s first dentist visit plays a very crucial role in the way their oral hygiene takes shape for the years to come. Child dentistry, also referred to as preventive dentistry by some, helps detect any dental problems in their initial stage itself, treating the condition at the earliest.

Our child dentistry unit near Taylors Lakes is trained to deal with children and ensures that every child’s visit to our clinic is pleasant. We see to it that every child who visits our dental clinic is given complete attention and care.

Here is why relying on paediatric dental care is crucial for every child.

Importance of Child Dentistry

1. Helps children understand the importance of oral hygiene

Introducing children to oral hygiene at an early age helps them develop a healthy dental routine. This practice, when started from an early age along with regular dentist visits, will make oral hygiene a part of their healthy lifestyle in the future too.

2. Helps with early diagnosis and prevention of tooth diseases

The most common diseases in children are tooth decay and cavities. The changing eating habits, increased intake of sugars in the form of chocolates etc. aggravate these conditions. It is important to schedule at least two dentist visits a year for children so that these tooth conditions can be taken care of at the earliest.

3. Helps understand a child’s eating habits

Your child’s tooth and gum conditions say a lot about their eating habits too. Our child dentistry near Taylors Lakes also helps you with addressing this issue wherein our specialists can help recommend foods that must be avoided as per the child’s dental condition. This can further help you plan your child’s diet well.

4. Helps in monitoring a child’s dental development

Be it getting rid of the pacifier or checking the condition of the gums, paediatric dentistry can help you monitor your child’s overall dental development. Our team of dentists is child-friendly and strives towards providing your child with a stress-free experience when it comes to dentist visits.

Any child dentistry practice in or around Taylors Lakes can be optimal oral health care for all your child’s dental issues. Here are a few ways you can prepare your child for his/her first dentist visit to reduce their anxiety.

Tips to Prepare Your Child for a Positive Dentist Visit

  • Start as early as possible so that the child becomes familiar with routine dental check-ups and does not count them as something dreadful and serious.
  • Always rely on dental clinics that have a designated unit for paediatric dentistry such as child dentistry near Taylors Lakes.
  • Make sure you always have something positive to say for your own dental visits.
  • Introduce the concept of dentists and oral hygiene through interactive storybooks so that they have a hint of what to expect.
  • Pair an activity they love like going to the park after the dentist visit to keep the overall vibe of the day positive.

Need a detailed consultation regarding children’s dentistry near Taylors Lakes? Book an appointment with us at our practice at Keilor Dental and give your child relief from all dental woes!

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